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Form: 7-11


  • will be able to speak your friends and parents about different cooking traditions;
  • to develop linguistic, intellectual and creative abilities of children;
  • to bring up positive attitude towards foreign language studying

Equipment:  A power Point Presentation.


І. Greeting.

Dear friends! Welcome to our English party. Today we’ll  have an entertaining and educating  programmer. First of all we shall divided into two teams, choose the name to each team and start our game.

ІІ. The main part.

1.Count the words connected withMeals and you get two points for each correct answer.

Milk, apple, home, friend, school, soup, spaghetti,  potato, por­ridge, bell, bread, cheese, fish, brother, Africa,  par­ents,  meat, sev­en, teacher - (10)

2. Make up dialogues,using the remarks.


  • Would you like to come to the table now? I think everything's ready. (Сідаємо за стіл? Я думаю все готове)
  • Thank you. Oh, this looks lovely. (Дякую. О, все виглядає чудово)
  • Would you like some salad? (Трохи салату?)
  • This is absolutely delicious. (Цілком смачно)
  • Thank you. I'm glad you like it. And would you like some steak pie? (Дякую. Я радий, що вам подобається. Хочете трохи м’ясного пирога?)
  • No, it really is lovely, but I don't think I could man­age any more, thank you. (Ні, все справді чудове, але я не думаю, що зможу ще щось їсти, дякую)


  • Coffee? (Кави?)
  • Black, please. (Чорну, будь ласка)
  • Help yourself to the marzipan cake. (Пригощайтесь тортом Марципан)
  • No, thank you. I'm afraid marzipan doesn't agree with me. Could you pass some apple-pie instead, please? (Ні, дякую. Марципан мені не до  смаку. Передайте натомість яблучного пирога, будь ласка?)
  • Here you are. (Ось, будь ласка)
  • Thank you. (Дякую)

3. Where would you go? Match the words with their definitions.

  1. to buy fish, crabs
  2. to buy  potatoes, bananas, onions, apples
  3. to buy meat, sausages
  4. to buy milk, sour cream, curds  
  5. to buy tea, sugar, salt, pasta
  6. to buy a loaf of bread, cakes, rolls
  1. baker's
  2. butcher's
  3. fishmonger's
  4. greengrocer's
  5. grocery store
  6. dairy  

4. Guess Riddles

It is a white vegetable with a brown or red­dish skin which grows underground and is used for food. (potato)

A round juicy fruit that is usually red. It is eaten as a vegetable, either raw or cooked. It grows on vines. (tomato)

A plant with a round or oval edible root, having a strong, sharp taste and smell. (onion)

A long, pointed orange-coloured root of a plant, eaten as vegetable, either raw or cooked. (carrot)

A plant that has thick green or reddish-purple leaves that form a round head. (cabbage)

A plant of the onion family that has a strong taste and smell and is used in cooking to add  flavour. (garlic)

5. Answer the questions

  1. How a traditional salad for New Year parties in Ukraine is called? (Russian salad)
  2. Who brings you food in cafes and restaurants? (a waiter)
  3. How fish can be cooked? (boiled, fried, grilled, roasted, stewed)
  4. It is a green and long vegetable, eaten fresh or pickled. (cucumber)
  5. A white, useful, tasty liquid with lots of vitamins is called (milk)
  6. Usual British drink is (tea)
  7. People usually eat this dish for breakfast. (porridge)
  8. What can happen if you drink cold water?
  9. What is English for “пюре”? (mashed potato)
  10. What should you do if you catch a cold? (take the temperature, take medicine)
  1. Complete the sentences
  1. Food which is kept very cold is ... . (frozen)
  2. These eggs are ..., I bought them today. (fresh
  3. I like my mum's cooking. ... food is always the best. (home-madе
  4. This tea's very .... You've put too much sugar in it! (sweet)
  5. Indian food like curry is very.... . (spicy)
  6. .... food is food you buy at a restaurant and take home to eat. (takeaway)
  7. Sushi is made with ... fish. (raw)
  8. People on a diet often try to eat... food. (low-fat)

7.Prepare a short menu for your café. (including a starter, main course, dessert)

  1. 4 dishes to describe
  1. Borshch
  2. Varenyky
  3. Holubtsi
  4. Mlyntsi

Holubtsi - Cabbage rolls stuffed with rice and vegetables, or possibly with spiced minced meat, and stewed slowly in the oven.

Borshch - Soup based on beetroot with meat and other vegetables; served with sour cream. There are many regional varieties.

Varenyky - Ravioli-like pasta stuffed with potato, cabbage, mushrooms, meat or cheese, or with cherries as a sweet dish.

Mlyntsi-Thinner pancakes are called nalysnyky, which are rolled and served with a stuffing.

ІІІ. Conclusion

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