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Forms: 5-8


  • to revise the vocabulary related to the topic “My house”, “England”;
  • “ The USA”; “Count 1-100”, “ Clothes”, “Transport”, “ Travelling”, “Food”;
  • to develop linguistic, intellectual and creative abilities of children;
  • to bring up positive attitude towards foreign language studying.

Equipment:  A power Point Presentation.


Teacher: Good morning dear parents, teachers, guests! We are glad to

see you  at  our English  party. Be with  us  and  play.

Ps: Good morning , everybody .We are glad to see you too.

Teacher: Today we are having a competition, an English quiz: “Who is the Cleverest”. Our game consists of 10 rounds and only one pupil will become a winner. Be Lucky!

1.The main part

The 1-st Round (10 pupils)

  1. The capital of the UK.(London)
  2. The official language of the UK.(English)
  3. The head of Britain.(queen)
  4. Two International languages.
  5. Three English-speaking countries.
  6. The capital of the USA.(Washington DC)
  7. Two the largest cities in the USA.
  8. Where is Belfast situated?(in Northern Ireland)

10. The verb “to be” in the Present Simple Tense. (is are am)

11. The verb “to be” in the Past Simple Tense. (was were)

12. The verb “to be” in the Future Simple Tense. (will shall)

13. Translate into English: 12..(twelve)

14. Translate into English: 33. (thirty-three)

15. Translate into English: другий. (second)

16. Translate into Ukrainian“an orange”. (апельсин)

17. Translate into Ukrainian “a pineapple”. (ананас)

18. Translate into Ukrainian “shoulders”. (плечі)

19. Translate into Ukrainian  “green ”. (зелений)

20. Translate into Ukrainian“sugar”. (цукор)

21. Translate into English: читати. (to read)

22. Translate into English: малювати. (to draw)

23. Translate into English: плавати. (to swim)

24. Translate into English: Діти граються зараз. (Children are playing now.)

  1. What is Cardiff?(the capital)
  2. What is the Themse?(river)
  3. Translate into English: бачив.(saw)
  4. Translate into English: мені подобається? (I like)
  5. Translate into Ukrainian -I can climb. (Я вмію лазити.)
  6. Translate into English: хто? (who)

The 2-nd Round (9 pupils)

1. Translate into Ukrainian -“tiger”? (тигр)

2. Our - це наше чи твоє? ( наше)

3. Seventy - 17 чи 70? ( 70)

4. Spell the word “ milk “.

5. З яких слів складається слово “ football ”?

6. Куриця “hen”чи “cock”? (hen)

7. Translate into English- ліпити снігову бабу. (to  make a snowman)

8. Where do you live? (I live in…)

9. Tennis - бадмінтон чи теніс? ( теніс)

10. Fourteen - 14 чи 40? (14)

11. Translate into English “ every day”? (кожного дня)

12. Кого називають “pets”.  (тварин)

13. Translate into English – музей. (museum)

14. Translate into Ukrainian - “ today”. (cьогодні)

15. Find a word that has the opposite meaning -“ big”. ( small_

16. Themse - це річка чи місто? (річка)

17. Kitchen - яка це кімната? (кухня)

18. Translate into English- транспорт . (transport)

19. Translate into Ukrainian - sea? (море)

20. Translate into English- стрибати. (to jump)

21. “ to have” in the Past Simple is... (had)

22. Translate into English – вони ? (they)

23. Fish - це риба чи птах? (риба)

24. Is Kyiv a capital or a village? (capital)

25. Translate into Ukrainian -“twenty”? (20)

26. Their – їх або її? (їх)

27. Translate into English як? (how)

Listen to the song and relax.

The 3-rd Round ( 8 pupils )

1. Translate into Ukrainian -“bird”. (птах)

2. Summer - це весна чи літо? ( літо )

3. Українською – чому, а англійською…? (why)

4. Butterfly - метелик чи муха? (метелик)

5. Spell the word -“frog”

6. Chose the right answer: She like milk / She likes milk. (She likes milk)

7. Find a word that has the opposite meaning  - “white”. (black)

8. Українською – Ганна, а англійською?(Ann)

9. Translate into Ukrainian -“elephant”? (слон)

10. United Kingdom - Об”єднане Королівство або Сполучені Штати Америки? (Об”єднане Королівство)

11. Translate into Ukrainian – swimming pool? (басейн)

12. Translate into Ukrainian canoe ? (човен)

13. ”ing” - закінчення якого часу?(Continuos)

14. Chose the right answer - I don’t like milk. I doesn’t like milk. (I don’t like milk)

15. Translate into Ukrainian “last year”? (минулого року)

16. Translate into Ukrainian “kids” ? (діти)

17. Translate into English- вантажівка. (lorry)

18. Translate into Ukrainian writer - письменник чи робітник? (письменник)

19. Яку кімнату називають “bathroom” ? (ванну кімнату)

20. Translate into English - здоров”я. (health)

21. Translate into English –субота, неділя. (Saturday, Sunday)

22. Picture - це картина чи дзеркало? (картина)

23. Find a word that has the opposite meaning -“young”. (old)

24. Translate into English- поїзд. (train)

The 4-th Round (7 pupils)

1. Write the numbers.

692 - __________

4,300 - ___________

57,183 - _____________


2.Fill in a few/a little.

         There are _____  gorillas in Rwanda.

There was  ______ grass on the field.

There is ______   rain in the desert.

3.Write  heavy/ wide / tall.

How ____ is the wolf?  It’s  35 kilos.

How ____ is the building?  It’s 453 metres.

How ____ is the bridge?  It’s  4 metres.

4.Write sentences.

If you go to the Gobi desert              you can travel by camel.

If you go to the Sahara desert           you will find lots of oil.

If you go to the Turkestan desert      you will feel cold .

5.Order the words. Write sentences.

Ned’s to Has been India ever dad?

not presents We our opened have.

walked Have a you in desert ever?

Listen to the song and relax.

The 5-th Round (6 pupils)

  1. These are wet. What are they?

    swon          nira              lkim           loi

  1. Write the questions for the answers. Use the words from the box.






How heavy is the elephant?       The elephant weighs 200 tonnes.

______________________          The ostrich is 2 metres tall.

________________________         The python  is 10  metres long.

  1. Write sentences. Use much and many.











4. Write the words in the correct order.

  1. London to Can have I a ticket?
  2. Of  Yes  course
  3. Will build stations we space?
  4. do When they arrive?

5. Fill in the missing words.



will go

will ring

is looking

I _______ next week.

You ______ the window yesterday.

He __________ at the yard now.

We ________ in the pond often.

 She ____________ to the beach tomorrow.

The 6-th  Round (5 pupils)

  1. What river does London stand on? (The Thames).
  2. What is the America’s symbol of Freedom? (The Statue of Liberty).
  3. What is “Penny Black”? (The stamp).
  4. How old is London? (2000 years old).
  5. Who is the head of the state in Great Britain? (A monarch).
  6. Whose portraits are printed on American dollars? (American presidents).
  7. What kind of weather is the most common in GB? (Rainy).

8. At first Native Americans were called… (Indians).

9. Name any national English game (football, cricket, rugby).

10.What animal is the symbol of the English strength and power (lion).

11. Find a word that has the opposite meaning– long. (short)

12. Translate into Ukrainian theatre? (театр)

Listen to the song and relax.

The 7-th Round (4 pupils)

  1. How a traditional salad for New Year parties in Ukraine is called? (Russian salad)
  2. Who brings you food in cafes and restaurants? (a waiter)
  3. How fish can be cooked? (boiled, fried, grilled, roasted, stewed)
  4. It is a green and long vegetable, eaten fresh or pickled. (cucumber)
  5. A white, useful, tasty liquid with lots of vitamins is called (milk)
  6. Usual British drink is (tea)
  7. People usually eat this dish for breakfast. (porridge)
  8. What can happen if you drink cold water?
  9. What is English for “пюре”? (mashed potato)

10.What should you do if you catch a cold? (take the temperature, take medicine)

11.Translate into Ukrainian to skate. (кататися на ковзанах)

  1. Find a word that has the opposite meaning– to sit. (to stand)

The 8-th Round (3 pupils)

  1. What is the fastest mean of transportation? (a jet, a plane)
  2. People on any means of transportation are called… (passengers)
  3. How can we call rooms in a carriage? (compartment)
  4. Who serves you on a plane? (a stewardess)
  5. What is English for “міжміський автобус”? (a coach)
  6. A trip by water is called … (voyage)
  7. The most common kind of transportation is … (cars)
  8. You need to buy this thing in a booking-office to get on a board. (a ticket)
  9. What is English for “трамвай”? (a tram )
  10. “Titanic” is a … (ship)

The 9-th Round (2 pupils)

  1. Give synonym to the word” trousers”. (pants)
  2. We wear them on our feet under shoes. (socks)
  3. Popular trousers that first were worn by poor gold-miners. (jeans)
  4. We use it to cover our heads. (hat, cap)
  5. A popular style of clothes at a definite time and place is called… (fashion)
  6. Children wear definite clothes at school and it is called … (school uniform)
  7. Where can people try on some clothes? (a fitting-room)
  8. Where can we buy clothes? (a shop)

The 10-th Round (final)

  1. Write the list of  ingredients for borsch.
  2. Write as much fruits as possible.
  1. Conclusion.

Listen to the song and relax


Teacher: Our competition has come to the end and we are thankful to our teams, participants and jury. Please, tell me who is the winner? Thank you for the game, be lucky!

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