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Brain Ring “WHAT? WHERE? WHEN?”
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Brain Ring “WHAT? WHERE? WHEN?”

Form: 7-8


  • to revise the vocabulary related to the learning  topics;
  • to develop linguistic, intellectual and creative abilities of children;
  • to bring up positive attitude towards foreign language studying

Equipment:  A power Point Presentation.


P.1: Dear friends! Welcome to our English party

Today we’ll  have an entertaining and educating  programmer. Let’ s play brain-ring. “What? Where? When?”.   And  now the rules of the game:

  1. Every class present a team of 7 members (представлення команд)
  2. They choose the team captain. One week is given for the theme preparation.
  3. 2 sound buttons identify which team is the first to answer, a jury of 2 members to score.
  4. Every correct answer is one point.
  5. Only 1 min is given for the discussion.
  6. The right to answer is given to the team, which has pressed the sound button first.
  7. The questions are written on the multi – board. The questions and answers must be simple and exact.

We start our game.

  1. Answer the questions:
    1. Where do kangaroos live? (In Australia)
    2.  Where is Chine situated? (in Asia)
    3. What is the national dish of the Ukrainians? (borch)
    4. What is the official language of Canada? (English and French)
    5.  Name the fastest way of travelling? (by plane)
    6. How many states are there in the USA? (50)
    7. Which is the largest ocean? (The Pacific Ocean)
    8. Are the elephants good swimmers? (Yes)
    9.  Who wrote “Tom Sawyer” (M. Twain)
    10.  I have already cleaned my room. What’s the tense? ( Present Perfect)
    11.  Name the odd word: tree, flower, sun, grass(sun)
    12.  What’s the capital of the USA? (Washington)
    13.  What’s the British national drink? (tea)
    14.  Where is Hollywood situated? (Los Angeles, USA)
    15.  What river does London stand on? (the Thames)
    16.  Who wrote “Jungle Book” (R. Kipling)
    17.  How many oceans are there in the world? (4)
    18. Where was baseball invented? (the USA)
    19.  Who’s the first astronaut in the world? (Gagarin)
    20.  When is Christmas celebrated in Ukraine? (7th of January)
    21. Who discovered America? (Columbus)
    22. Sam is sleeping now. Name the tense (Present Continuous)
    23.  Which hero performs twelve heroic deeds? (Heracles)
    24.  Is an orange a vegetable or a fruit? (fruit)
    25.  What’s the symbol of Easter? ( an egg)
    26.  What days of the week children don’t go to school? (Saturday and Sunday)

2.Match parts of the UK with their capitals:

1. England

a) Cardiff

2. Wales

b) London

3. Scotland

c) Edinburgh

4. Northern Ireland

d) Belfast


3.Match the two parts

1. The Sahara Desert

a) the coldest

2. The Gobi Desert

b) the largest

3. The Arabian Desert

c) there is oil in

4. The Kalahari Desert

d) sand dunes

5. The Turkestan Desert

e) San people

6. The Australian Desert

f) Kangaroo


Listen to the song and relax.

4. The next round is called “Matching Words”

Each team takes the envelope with matching words. I’ll give you a minute to match these words and then read


Black White

Bread Butter

Soap Water

Right Wrong

Boy Girl

Big Little

Hands Feet

Weak Strong

High Low

First Last

Hat Coat

Shoes Socks


5. The next round is called “Guess Riddles”

1. It can  not talk but it can bark. (a dog)

2. It can live without water for a long time. (a camel)

3. I’m coloured, I’m bright I can walk run and fly. I cannot swim but I can sing usually in the morning. (a cock)

4. What animals has long hair round it’s neck. (a lion)

5. It is a domestic animals and it likes fish. (cat)

6. It is a wild animals and it likes bananas. (a monkey)

7. This animal likes grass. It is a domestic animals, it gives milk. (a cow)

8. This animal lives at home or in the street, it is a man’s great friend. (a dog)

6.Order the letters. Write the words.

1.When there are a lot of passengers the airport is very ____ yubs.

  2.When we went to the airport we were very _______ tixedec.

3.The ice cream in the airport café is _________ ocudelisi.

4.Sometimes the passengers’ suitcases are _____ vahye.

5.The mechanic who checks the engine must be very _______ufcarle.

Listen to the song and relax.

7. Read the definitions. Write words

  1. sea water in a rocky place on the beach
  2. sea creature with a shell and 8 legs
  3. small hills of sand between the beach and the land
  4. sea water curling in a circle and falling on the beach
  5. plants that live in the sea or rock pools
  6. sea creatures with five pointed arms

Listen to the song and relax.      

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