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Topic: SHOPS AND SHOPPING ( At the shopping mall)
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Topic: SHOPS AND SHOPPING ( At the shopping mall)

Form: 6

Objectives: will be able to know the names of the stores.

Equipment: cards: the names of the stores (for the blackboard work and role-playing game), for the group "Find the right shop", with structures and a list of things you want to buy; images from a variety of stores and items that are sold in different types of stores; tapes, duct tape, signal cards; materials for role-play game: TV box, books, toys, vegetables, fruits, boxes, cards with names of actors, price tags, microphone, card for reflection, poster "Customer's Service Area", "money" for evaluation ("UAH" different value)

Lesson form: Role play


I. Greeting

  •  Hello! Glad to see you. How are you?
  •  Fine (super, not bad, so-so). Thank you. What about you?
  •  I’m fine too.

II. Aims

The topic for discussion today is “Shops and shopping”. It is very important in our life, so by the end of the lesson you should be able to talk about shopping for your family, to talk with shop-assistant and learn to behave when doing shopping, to understand and reply appropriately. All the suggested activities will increase your ability to speak appropriate English in any situation. To your surprise you’ll receive money for your activity knowledge. Then, you’ll practice to buy.

III. Role play

  1. Warm-up.

Teacher: By the way, have you watched the last TV news? Oh, no. Turn on the TV set immediately. Let’s listen to the news.

Commentator: (In the box) You are watching the first national channel. News from the centre of the town. (Pictures) A new shopping mall was opened today at 9 o’clock in the morning. We are talking with the manager of the shopping mall.

Manager: (Take a microphone). There are many different stores in our mall. You can buy everything you want here. Besides, you can have lunch, dinner or rest in our cafeteria, make your hair at our hairdresser’s or receive a parcel at the post-office. There is a free parking lot in front of the shopping centre and private security guards. Welcome to our shopping mall! Only today we offer many products at special prices! Buy now, don’t put it for tomorrow. You are welcome!

Teacher: Do you want to go to the shopping mall to do shopping?

  • Of course we do.
  • OK! You’ll do it if I’m sure you know the names of the shops and what we can buy there. So, you’ll have some tests. Are you ready? Let’s start.

2. Brainstorming. What kinds of shops do you know? (Two pupils - teacher’s assistants are choosing cards with the names of the shops from the words on the bottom of the blackboard and sticking them on the blackboard).

Baker’s, supermarket, dairy, grocer’s, greengrocer’s, butcher’s, fishmonger’s, bookstore, stationer’s, sport goods, haberdashery, electric appliance shop, furniture shop, household items, ironmonger’s, hardware store, jewelry store, footwear, cosmetic shop, chemist’s, optician’s, boutique, men’s wear, newsagent’s, department store, confectionery, market, toy store, flower’s.

3. Test 1. Listen to the sentences and agree or disagree with me using your signal cards: agree - green, disagree - red.

1. Department stores are large stores which are popular both with the local residents and tourists.

2. The fishmonger’s is the place where you can buy fish and seafood.

3. The newsagent’s is the place where you can buy milk, cottage cheese and butter.

4. The hairdresser’s is the place where we buy vegetables and fruit..

5. I can buy a loaf of bread and rolls at the bakery.

6. We can buy medicine at the chemist’s.

7. In Great Britain people use dollars and cents doing shopping.

8. In Ukraine people use pounds and pence doing shopping.

9. Those people who buys  things is a customer.

10. Those people who sell things are shop-assistants.

Key: 1+; 2+; 3—; 4—; 5+; 6+; 7—; 8—; 9+; 10+.

4. Group work

Task 1. Where do you buy the following things? Answer the question using flash cards on your desks and the structure:  .

We buy ... at the.... To buy ... we go to the  ... .

Group1 - apples, tomatoes, melons; smoked meat, ham, sausage; a sofa, a table, a chair; trousers, a shirt; a pen, a ruler, a note book; tea, coffee.

Group2 - milk, butter, sour cream; fish, crabs; a newspaper, a magazine; a vacuum cleaner, a washing machine, a microwave oven, a refrigerator; bread, rolls; ice cream, a bar of chocolate, sweets;

Group з - a football, a fishing-rod; a skirt, tights, a dress; cream, shampoo, lipstick; shoes, boots; a rose, a tulip, a pink; a toy-bear, a doll, a machine-toy.

(One group answers, the two others show their signal cards, green if they agree with the answer, red if they don’t agree. Groups answer one by one; pupils answer showing their cards others: Р1 — P3 —>... — P6).

5. Group work

Task 2. Take your cards and write down where you would go to in order to buy or to do the following things. Choose from the words on the right. Read and say using the following familiar structure:

We buy ... at the....       To buy ... we go to the   ... .


(Group1- 1-8; Group 2 - 9-16; Group 3 - 17-24)


to buy medicine, make-up

a) baker's


to buy fish, crabs

b) chemist's


to buy potatoes, bananas, onions, apples

c) bookshop


to buy a pair of shoes, boots

d) jewelry store


to buy a new pair of glasses

e) hardware store


to buy meat, sausages

f) butcher's


to buy milk, sour cream, curds

g) grocery store


to buy tea, sugar, salt

h) haberdashery


to buy a loaf of bread, cakes, rolls

i) greengrocer's


to buy pens, felt-pens, notebooks

j) stationer's


to buy stamps, envelopes

k) sport goods


to buy an arm-chair, a sofa, a bookshelf

1) footwear


to buy a ring, a watch, a necklace

m) fishmonger's


to buy a hammer, nails, a screwdriver

n) ironmonger's


to buy a volleyball, a fishing-rod

o) boutique


to buy a newspaper, a magazine

p) men's wear


to buy a battery, a hair dryer, an electric shaver

q) cosmetic shop


to buy a compact disk player, a word processor  


r) optician's


to buy a raincoat, a skirt, tights, a dress

s) furniture shop


to buy cream, deodorant, shampoo, lipstick

t) household items


to buy a city map, a guidebook, a dictionary

u) dairy


to buy trousers, a suit, a pullover, a T-shirt

v) post-office


to buy a belt, buttons, needles, a handbag

w) newsagent's


  to buy an iron, a dish washer, a vacuum cleaner

x) electric appliances shop

1b, 2m, Зі, 41, 5r, 6f, 7u, 8g, 9a, 10 j, 11v, 12s, 13d, 14n, 15k, 16w, 17x, 18e, 19o, 20q, 21c, 22p, 23h, 241

(One group answers, the two others show their signal cards, green if they agree with the answer, red if they don’t agree. Groups answer one by one; pupils read the sentences )

6. Crossword.

Teacher (summarizing): Well done! I see you are ready to go to the shopping mall. Your mother asked you to go shopping and left the shopping list. Read it doing the sums. Cards  on the blackboard and on the desks. So, what did your mother ask you to buy?


pea - ea + ot + ato + es



tea - ea + om + at + oes



but - ut +ana + net - et + as



brown - own + ear - r + d



sa + user - er +ages - s



soap - oap + uga + red - ed



cream - ream + ur + deep — eep



pig - ig + zip - ip + za



Check yourself with the list written on the blackboard.

7. Situation dialogue.

Teacher: I’m not sure that the department store is open now, so we call there to find out. Do it, please.

Pupil: Hello!

Operator: Macy’s, may I help you?

Pupil: Yes, please. Are you open now? How late are you open tonight?

Operator: The shopping mall works from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. without a break for dinner or days off.

Pupil: Thank you very much.

Operator: You are welcome.

Teacher: Are you ready? It takes some minutes to get to the shopping mall if we take a trolley-bus. Let’ go! Be carefully in the street with traffic, your money and check the things you are going to buy. OK?

8. Work in pairs. Complete the conversation and act it out.

Jane: Hi, Ann! You look wonderful today! Where      you  _____ (to buy) your

new T-shirt and this pair of jeans?

Ann: In Colin's boutique.

Jane: Where _________ (to be) it?

Ann: Oh, dear. I know where it is, but I don't_________     (to remember) the address. It is not far from Theatralna Metro Station. You ________ (to go) straight ahead along Bohdan Khmelnytsky Street, and it's on the right. You ______ (not, to have to) go far.

Jane: Thank you. I think I'll find it. How much _____ (to be) the things you bought?

Ann: I don't remember the exact price of the T-shirt, but the jeans _____ (to   be) 120 hr. The style is more important for me than price. And the price is quite important for my mum. She usually _____ (to pay) for the purchase.

Jane: I like both the style and the price. I'll ask my mum to visit the boutique this afternoon.

9. Relaxation. Radio song. Listen to the radio (by the pupils)


On a wagon bound for market

There’s a calf with a mournful eye.

High above him there’s a swallow

Winging swiftly through the sky.


How the winds are laughing

They laugh with all their might,

Laugh and laugh the whole day through

And half the summer night.

Donna, Donna, Donna, Donna,

Donna, Donna, Donna, Don.

Donna, Donna, Donna, Donna,

Donna, Donna, Donna, Don.

“Stop complaining”, said the farmer

Who told you a calf to be?

Why don’t you have wings to fly with

 Like the swallow so proud and free?


Calves are easily bound and slaughtered

 Never knowing the reason why,

But who ever treasures freedom  

Like the swallow has learned to fly.


10.Group work. Organize a store and make up dialogues. “At the store”.

(Check on Homework).


 At the bookstore.

  •  What can I do for you?
  •  I am looking for books by J. Rowling. Have you got any books by this famous English author?
  •  Of course. But what books by J. Rowling are you looking for?
  •  Harry Potter.
  •  I!m sorry but we have only the first two parts. Shall I show you?
  •  Do please.
  •  Here you are. Do you want anything else?
  •  No, thank you. What’s the price of it?
  •  20 pounds, please. Pay the cash desk, please.

Group 2

At the toy store.

  •  Good morning!
  •  Good morning! What can I do for you?
  •  I’m looking for a present for my little sister on her birthday.
  •  May I help you?
  •  Yes, certainly.
  •  How old is your sister? And what kind of toys does she prefer - puzzles, dolls, soft toys?
  •  She is 4 and she likes toys, especially animals.
  •  Then take a monkey-toy. Look here. It’s funny and the price is not high.
  •  Oh, I agree with you. I like it. How much does it cost?
  •  5pounds. Anything else?
  •  No, thank you.
  •  Pay the cash-desk, please. Happy birthday to your sister!
  •  Thanks, good-bye!

Group 3

At the greengrocer’s

  •  Good afternoon! Can I help you?
  •  Good afternoon! I’d like to buy two apples. Are your fruit fresh?
  •  Yes, of course. They are fresh, ripe and tasty. Would you like anything else?
  •  How much do the apples cost?
  •  Two pounds.
  •  Could you give me an orange?
  •  Yes, certainly.
  •  And two bananas, please. How much are they?
  •  5 pounds a kilo. Here you are. Is that all?
  •  Yes, thank you. How much is it altogether?
  •  That’s 5pounds.
  •  Can I pay with my credit card?
  •  Yes, certainly. Can you sing here, please.
  •  Thank you, good bye!
  •  Good-bye!

At the cash desk

  •  5 pounds, please.
  •  Take your change.
  •  Thank you.
  •  You are welcome.


  •  Any problems, ma’am?
  •  No, thank you. It’s all O.K.
  •  You are welcome.



  1. Excuse me, please, Dasha  Svyrydovska, the first national channel.

1. May I ask you some questions?

2. What did you buy?

3. Where did you buy it?

4. Why did you buy it?

5. Do you like to go shopping?

6. Who goes shopping in your family?

7. Do you like a new shopping mall?

8. Your wishes to our customers.

Pupil 1:

  •  I was at the bookstore.
  •  I bought books, two parts of Harry Potter by J. Rowling.
  •  I’m fond of reading. It’s my hobby.
  •  I saw a film about Harry, and I like it very much. I know that Harry was very smart, intelligent, honest, curious, lively and cheerful. He learnt to become a wizard. He fought against evil and got victory. He was always careful and noticed everything that was happening around him. He got on well with all his friends.

 OK! Read books! Love books! Novels, stories, science fiction, poems, fairy tales, fables, legends, myth or encyclopedias! Books are our friends! They teach us, help us to solve the problems you are faced with.

Pupil 2:

 I bought a toy at the toy store because of my little sister. She will be 5 at Easter. She likes soft toys very much, so I want to give her a present on her birthday.

  •  She is smart and full of questions. She can play the ball and draw. I love my sister very much, so I think she’ll be satisfied.
  •  Of course I like the toy store very much. It’s great! There are different kinds of toys - for babies, for juniors and boys and girls of 12-14.
  •  Teach your little sister or brother to love the world around us. Be kind, helpful and sociable!

Pupil 3:

  •  I visited the greengrocer’s. I like to do shopping I do it with pleasure.
  •  I bought some apples, an orange and a banana because there are a lot of vitamins in fruit. Beside I like these fruit very much. They are tasty!
  •  Eat fruit and vegetables! It makes your body strong and healthy. They have got a lot of vitamins which are necessary for your eyes, skin, bones, hair and other parts of your body. Eat the right food! Remember the proverb “Good health is above wealth".

Pupil 4:

  •  I like to do shopping in the shopping mall because the prices in the shopping centre are quite reasonable. Malls become popular because people like to shop and to do things in one place. People feel safe in supermarkets because there are militia stations and private security guards.

Interviewer: People like malls because they are places where dreams come true. It was Dasha Svyrydovska with own reporting for the first channel.

V. Summarizing.

  • What do you have to remember going shopping?
  • To be carefully (because of traffic, of money, of things or food you ought to buy).
  • Draw your face on the cards on your desks and stick it on the blackboard in our Customer’s Service Area.     
  • Thank you for your preparations for the lesson. Your marks are according to the course of money the following.
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