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Form: 7

Objectives: will be able to use new adjectives for describing different products and drinks.

Equipment: multimedia projector and presentation in PowerPoint, hand-outs, drawings, themed pictures.


1. Greeting.

Т.: Good morning everybody! I am glad to see you! How are you today? Who is absent? Why?

2. Phonetic drill.

Т.: Let’s practice our new words: beat, chop, grate, melt, mix, peel, pour, slice, stir.

3. Warm-up.

1) What kind of food do you eat in your family: natural or processed?

2) Which of them has more vitamins?

3) Which vegetables taste good when they are pickled?

  1. Which fruits are most often dried?
  2. What dishes can be cooked of convenience food?

4. Checking homework.

Т.: Match the instruction with the picture below and tell the recipe of cooking cottage pie.

5. New vocabulary and practice.

a) Presenting vocabulary.

Т.: Let me to introduce the new vocabulary to you.

Sour, bitter, spicy, salty, sweet, juicy, creamy, tasty, tasteless, greasy.

b) Practicing in using new vocabulary. Group work.

  1. Т.: Match the above adjectives with their Ukrainian equivalents.

Sweet                              кислий

Tasty                              смачний

Bitter                              солоний

Sour                               соковитий

Cream                            гіркий

Juicy                              кремовий

Tasteless                        солодкий

Salty                              несмачний

  1. Т.: Look at the pictures and say which of adjectives can you use with the following words combinations? (The group  get the pictures of food and choose the correct adjectives for them).

Fish, meat, juice, chips, nuts, apple, chocolate, orange, banana, cutlet, soup porridge, potatoes, chicken, hot dog, sausage, pear, ice-cream

  1. Т.: Read the definition and match them with the words that describe textures of different foods.



crisp/cri spy




a)cooked with too much oil

b) firm, making a sharp sound when you bite

c)needs to be chewed a lot

d) pleasantly hard and dry, firm and fresh

e) thick and smooth like cream

6. Listening.

  1. Pre-Listening Activities. Answer the following questins.
  •  What are your  favourite  drinks?
  •  Do you like Coca-Cola?
  •  What do you think is Coca-Cola good or bad for our health?
  •  How often do you drink Coca-Cola?
  1.  While-Listening Activities.

Т.: Listen to the text and get ready to make the following tasks.


In 1886 John Pemberton, a druggist in Atlanta, Georgia, made a brown syrup by mixing coca leaves and cola nuts. Pemberton sold the syrup in his drugstore as a medicine to cure all kinds of problems. Pemberton called his al purpose medicine “Coca-Cola”. When few people bought Coca-Cola, Pemberton sold the recipe to another druggist, Asa Candler. Candler decided to sell Coca-Cola as a soda-fountain drink instead of a medicine. At soda fountains in drugstores, the syrup was mixed with soda water to make the drink Coca- Cola. Candler advertised a lot and sold his syrup to many drugstores. Soon everyone was going to soda fountains and asking for Coca-Cola. Candler saw no reason for putting Coca-Cola into bottles. But two businessmen thought his would be a good idea. They got permission from Candler, and before long they became millionaires. As of1903, coca leaves were no longer used in Coca-Cola. The exact ingredients used and their quantities are not known - the Coca-Cola company keeps its recipe a secret. World War I helped to make Coca-Cola popular outside the United States. The Coca-Cola Company sent free bottles of the drink to U.S. soldiers fighting in Europe. Coca-Cola became very popular with the soldiers - so popular that the U.S. Army asked the company to start ten factories in Europe. After the war, these factories continued to make Coca-Cola. Today, there are Coca-Cola factories around the world.

Т.: Answer the questions from the text.

  1. A person who sells medicines is a ...
  1. Druggist                                     c)  Businessman
  2. Millionaire                                 d)   Addict
  1.  ... is a sweet, heavy liquid that tastes good.

a)Syrup                             c)Soda

         b)Cola                              d)Milk

 3) Pemberton sold Coca-Cola to make people well and … their problems.

  a) keep                                                          c) mix

 b) find out about                                            d)   cure

4) A medicine that cures many things is ...

  1.  popular                                                  c)    free
  2.  all-purpose                                           d)  aspirin

5) The different things that are mixed together to make Coca-Cola are its ...

  1.  ingredients                                            c) sodas
  2.  Ideas                                                    d)  liquids

6) The ...of ingredients is the amount you put in.

  1.  Factory                                               c)  permission
  2.  Color                                                  d) quantity

7) Not many people knew about Pemberton's syrup ... bought it.

  1.  a lot                                            c)       all
  2.  few                                            d)      most

8) The way Coca-Cola’s ingredient are put together is its ...

  1.  ingredients                              c)   recipe
  2.  soda fountain                      d)   bottle

9) People find out about things to buy by looking at...

  1.  Recipes                                      c)       articles
  2.  Advertisements                      d)    the monitor

10) People drink soda from a bottle instead of going to a soda fountain store to drink it because...

  1.  it tastes better                                c)   it’s the law
  2.  they collect bottles               d)  it’s easier to do.

7. Hometask

  • Open your day-books and write down the home task.

8. Summarizing.

  • You worked excellent today.
  • I’m very proud of you!

Goodbyes are not forever

Goodbyes are not the end.

They simply mean, I’ll miss you

Until we meet again.

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